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Written by Gerry McGovern, New Thinking focuses on how the Web gives more power to customers, and that the essence of this power is the ability to find, create and share content. It has been published weekly since 1996.

Joined up Web requires joined up organization

October 18, 2015 -- Gerry McGovern

We must find a way to create a much more collaborative organization so as to better serve our customers.
The information management and the ecommerce analytics team are in the same building. Actually, they’re on the same floor. In fact, their cubicles are beside each other. But they don’t collaborate or share what they know with each other in any way.

The customer is the meme

September 20, 2015 -- Gerry McGovern

The key to transforming an old-model organization is to flood it with the experience of the customer.
The experience of the customer is the spear point of change. If anything is going to shift organization-centric thinking it is a constant stream of examples of the difficulties customers have when interacting with the organization.

Design minimally viable interactions

August 23, 2015 -- Gerry McGovern

The most elegant interaction is so minimal it is almost invisible.
I heard Derek Featherstone give a very insightful presentation at An Event Apart in Washington DC where he talked about a minimally viable interaction. This is an interesting way of thinking because it moves away from the focus on the product or service, to the use of the product or service.


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