When to hide and show navigation

Hide navigation when it is disruptive to the journey the customer is on. Show navigation when it is supportive to the journey the customer is on. The hamburger menu has become notorious as an ill-advised and poorly implemented form of navigation. But hiding navigation in and of itself is not a bad thing. It depends… Read More »

It pays to pay attention to current customers

Time spent (minutes per month) on websites was down across all industries in the U.S. in 2016, according to an Adobe report. “Despite time spent being down, visit rates are up 4% year-over-year (YoY) across all industries,” CMO Adobe wrote. This makes sense. The simpler, faster and more convenient you make your website, the more… Read More »

Managing in a post-trust world

For many humans, there is no greater terror than the terror of the unknown. Throughout human history, we have always tried to predict the unpredictable, to manage the unmanageable, to control the uncontrollable. The idea that there is no plan, no purpose, no intent to the world around us is terrifying. Are we just a… Read More »

New opportunities for internal communicators

Much of traditional internal communications has been about the delivery of fake news. Staff have not been fooled. Over the years, it really struck me how the output of most internal communications departments was disconnected from the real needs of the staff in their organizations. Unfortunately, in many organizations, internal communications is a megaphone for… Read More »

Your digital interface is your brand

Do you remember the first impressions you had of a bank? Probably it has something to do with an impressive physical building. When was the last time you were in a physical bank building? When I grew up the bank building was the most impressive in the town, next to the church. Banks were literally… Read More »

Optimizing internal efficiency versus customer experience

There was once a company whose packaging was notoriously difficult to open. In fact, a TV program had a competition where it offered a prize for anybody who could open the package without spilling the contents. Nobody won the prize. Why would an organization do that? Internal efficiency. The organization had sought to minimize the… Read More »

The customer is now the advertiser

When I was young, driving down a lonesome country road, seeing a billboard was a nice diversion from the black and white boredom of daily life. Being interrupted from the monotony was a welcome surprise in a world where there was lots of time to kill. Today, we all drive in Las Vegas. It’s 24-hour… Read More »

Customer journeys need to be defined by customers

The journey the organization would prefer the customer to go on is not usually the journey the customer wants to go on. When you get through security, the airport sends you on a ‘customer journey’ through duty free shopping whether you want to go shopping or not. The airport forces you tospend more time getting… Read More »

Customer obsession defines Amazon and digital

To stay relevant in the digital landscape, organizations must develop an obsessive customer focus. In the U.S., more stores are likely to close in 2017 than during the height of the great recession in 2008. Those retailers who have committed to digital are not finding it easy either. In 2016, Amazon accounted for 53% of all… Read More »

High traffic does not equal good customer experience

Just because a webpage is popular doesn’t mean that it’s useful. In fact, it could be getting in the way of a more useful page. “We’ve recently decided to remove Basic rights at work, the most visited advice page on our website,” Hannah Horton from the UK’s Citizen Advice recently wrote. “It gets 70,000 visits… Read More »