Your digital interface is your brand

Do you remember the first impressions you had of a bank? Probably it has something to do with an impressive physical building. When was the last time you were in a physical bank building? When I grew up the bank building was the most impressive in the town, next to the church. Banks were literally… Read More »

Optimizing internal efficiency versus customer experience

There was once a company whose packaging was notoriously difficult to open. In fact, a TV program had a competition where it offered a prize for anybody who could open the package without spilling the contents. Nobody won the prize. Why would an organization do that? Internal efficiency. The organization had sought to minimize the… Read More »

The customer is now the advertiser

When I was young, driving down a lonesome country road, seeing a billboard was a nice diversion from the black and white boredom of daily life. Being interrupted from the monotony was a welcome surprise in a world where there was lots of time to kill. Today, we all drive in Las Vegas. It’s 24-hour… Read More »

Customer journeys need to be defined by customers

The journey the organization would prefer the customer to go on is not usually the journey the customer wants to go on. When you get through security, the airport sends you on a ‘customer journey’ through duty free shopping whether you want to go shopping or not. The airport forces you tospend more time getting… Read More »

Customer obsession defines Amazon and digital

To stay relevant in the digital landscape, organizations must develop an obsessive customer focus. In the U.S., more stores are likely to close in 2017 than during the height of the great recession in 2008. Those retailers who have committed to digital are not finding it easy either. In 2016, Amazon accounted for 53% of all… Read More »

High traffic does not equal good customer experience

Just because a webpage is popular doesn’t mean that it’s useful. In fact, it could be getting in the way of a more useful page. “We’ve recently decided to remove Basic rights at work, the most visited advice page on our website,” Hannah Horton from the UK’s Citizen Advice recently wrote. “It gets 70,000 visits… Read More »

What the Pepsi ad tells us about Millennials

The plot for the Kendall Jenner ad was the standard industry fare that has been pedaled for fifty or more years. What was surprising was the reaction to it. Pepsi makes a product that, when drunk in sufficient quantities, makes you more likely to become obese and diabetic. Therefore, they’ve got a marketing and branding… Read More »

Employees are looking for experiences too

Young, talented employees are challenging traditional organizational structures and cultures as never before. The Industrial Age was about producing and owning stuff. The Digital Age is about shaping and using stuff. Only 21% of employees agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work, according to a 2017 Gallup… Read More »

Wasting time is the worst customer experience

Reducing the amount of time a customer has to spend is one of the best ways to improve the customer experience The essence of digital is speed. Customers are obsessed with saving time. Those organizations who save customers time are like digital magnets. These days, customers are also obsessed with saving money. They go to… Read More »

Bridging the great organization-customer divide

Organizations obsessed with cost reductions are like gardeners obsessed with weeding. They weed and weed and weed until everything becomes a weed and the garden is bare. Current customers and employees are seen as costs by most organizations. They need to be weeded and weeded, pulled out as costs at every opportunity. So, digital is… Read More »