How does price affect the “user” experience?

It is silo-based thinking to think that there is a set of user experiences and a set of customer experiences. There is only one set of experiences, and every single interaction with the organization contributes to it. I have always disliked the word ‘user’. What do drugs and the Web have in common? Traffic, Users… Read More »

Digital is making government redundant

Government, like all organizations, claims to exist to serve citizens but in reality is usually more interested in serving itself. Digital is increasingly exposing government incompetence and how remote from the real life of people so many in government are (particularly at a senior level). “We see government programs that are not designed to help… Read More »

Without fairness societies will fail

Since the Second World War many societies have had a contract of fairness. Somewhere in the 1980s that contract began to be broken, and we are now paying a heavy price for that break. In the 1960s almost 80% of citizens trusted government in the US, while over 60% thought government “is run for the… Read More »

Cultural Essentials for Digital Transformation

The essence of digital transformation is not technological, but rather about culture and attitude. We must shift from an organization-centric view of the world to a customer-centric one. Here are some of the essential characteristics of a truly customer-centric organization. Customer top tasks What is most important to the customer, rather than what is most… Read More »

Customer experience has become real business

When I started out on this Web journey back in the mid-Nineties, I was a bit idealistic and naïve. I actually believed that the Web could be a place where people could find and do what they needed to do as quickly and easily as possible. I actually believed in marketing concepts like ‘the customer… Read More »

Great customer experience begins with fairness

Organizations are training their customers to be disloyal. Digital is an accelerant for disloyalty. Recently, my house insurance came up for renewal. It was about 30% more expensive than last year. I ignored the letter. After a while I started getting some calls. I ignored them. I waited until a few days before renewal and… Read More »

Great customer experience means reducing customer effort

The best way to understand digital customer experience is to measure the effort people need to make to complete their top tasks. Not being able to complete your task is the ultimate failure when it comes to customer experience. However, best practice is all about reducing time-on-task. The top digital brands, from Amazon to Google,… Read More »

Collapse of Trust and Digital Transformation

Globally we are facing a collapse of trust. Governments, brands, institutions, experts are all facing a crisis of legitimacy. Digital is an accelerant in this collapse and in the making of a radically different world. How do we navigate this historically significant transformation? The anchors of society are loosening. The traditional certainties are fading. It’s… Read More »

Design through customer use

Digital makes it so much easier to design based on how the things we create are being used. In a complex, rapidly changing world, there is no better strategy. Don’t design the experience. Design for the experience. Don’t design to control. Design to give control. Digital design requires both empathy and humility. Empathy so that… Read More »

Bringing the customer in: No 1 imperative of digital transformation

The customer has already transformed and it is the customer who will transform the organization. Citizens Advice is a wonderfully clear and concise service for citizens of the UK, helping them with things like money management, housing, discrimination, etc. Citizens Advice makes publicly available a live dashboard of searches and trending topics. Anyone can see… Read More »