What the Pepsi ad tells us about Millennials

The plot for the Kendall Jenner ad was the standard industry fare that has been pedaled for fifty or more years. What was surprising was the reaction to it. Pepsi makes a product that, when drunk in sufficient quantities, makes you more likely to become obese and diabetic. Therefore, they’ve got a marketing and branding… Read More »

Employees are looking for experiences too

Young, talented employees are challenging traditional organizational structures and cultures as never before. The Industrial Age was about producing and owning stuff. The Digital Age is about shaping and using stuff. Only 21% of employees agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work, according to a 2017 Gallup… Read More »

Wasting time is the worst customer experience

Reducing the amount of time a customer has to spend is one of the best ways to improve the customer experience The essence of digital is speed. Customers are obsessed with saving time. Those organizations who save customers time are like digital magnets. These days, customers are also obsessed with saving money. They go to… Read More »

Bridging the great organization-customer divide

Organizations obsessed with cost reductions are like gardeners obsessed with weeding. They weed and weed and weed until everything becomes a weed and the garden is bare. Current customers and employees are seen as costs by most organizations. They need to be weeded and weeded, pulled out as costs at every opportunity. So, digital is… Read More »

The surreal crazy, crazy world of branding

After a long time spent working with various different kinds of organisations, I have consistently found the branding department to be the craziest, most surreal and most disconnected from anything remotely approaching reality. There must be some city of 10 million people somewhere, that we have never heard of, with factory after factory churning out… Read More »

Information architecture: still vital to digital design

Over the years, the most neglected, and yet most essential, area of digital design has been information architecture. Recently, a set of presentations for website designs were made to senior management at a large organization. One presentation was based on data. It had carefully analyzed customer behavior and focused particularly on the navigation structure and… Read More »

The Wild West days of search are over

The Wild West days of the Web are coming to an end as people settle down and select their favorite websites as the starting points for an increasing number of their tasks. In 2014, when Raymond James asked people where they typically start when looking to buy products online, 55% said a search engine, 38%… Read More »

Trust is shifting to the network

Our trust in institutions and the establishment is in severe decline. At the same time, we are getting into cars with strangers and letting strangers sleep in our houses. We are increasingly deciding who to trust based on what the network of our peers says. Historically, societies have looked to leaders, institutions and deities to… Read More »

Complexity demands collaboration

In a world of increasing complexity, unpredictability and sheer randomness, the idea that traditional, hierarchy-based leaders can lead us to a better future is both naive and dangerous. Nobody’s in control. Nobody knows what the future will bring. Things have become just too complicated. In such an environment, the most dangerous are those full of… Read More »

Digital organization customer disconnect

The Great Wall of Digital is being built between organizations and customers. Before the Web, the average person could visit a dealer 9 times before buying a car. Now, it’s down to an average of 1.3 times. This is according to Conrad Fritzsch, from Mercedes-Benz, who presented at a Netcentric conference in Lisbon in January… Read More »