Fake metrics: Impressions are the new hits

We all know that HITS stands for How Idiots Track Success. Well, IMPRESSIONS stands for Idiots Making Pretentious Resources Endlessly So Suckers In Organizations Notice Something. It’s the next chapter in the endless saga of the Cult of Volume. So much human work is hugely wasteful. So rarely is the question: How do I serve… Read More »

The dark side of simplicity

Life is effort. Life is energy. But we’re always looking for the shortcut, the low-hanging fruit. As Steve Krug famously said: “Don’t make me think.” The more complex the world becomes, the more we crave simplicity, while at the same time wanting to benefit from the positives that complexity brings. “Whenever we are about to… Read More »

Customer experience is stressful

Dealing with customers can be rewarding and fulfilling. It can also be distressing and depressing. Customers today are not easy to deal with and things will only get more difficult. There has been a collapse in trust and respect for organizations in many countries around the world. Much of it is deserved. The populists who… Read More »

Customer experience trends for 2019

Get customer experience right and profit will follow. That’s the conclusion of a survey by Hotjar of 2,000 CX professionals published in November 2018. Only 12% of respondents regarded their companies as being mature when it came to customer experience. “Customer experience leaders prioritize delivering an outstanding experience over everything else (yes, even over revenue),”… Read More »

No, we don’t really care about your privacy

I know you’ll be shocked to hear this but that annoying sign you just clicked on, it’s not true. I know it said: “We care about your privacy”, but nobody in here really cares about your privacy. Don’t get me wrong now. It’s not that we actively don’t care. It’s not that we wake up… Read More »

No, I don’t want to take your survey

Take your survey? Why on earth would I want to do that? Help you improve your website? Am I your employee? Are you my boss? Last time I checked, I wasn’t. So, do your job. It’s not up to me to help you make your website better. What do I think of your new redesign?… Read More »

Marketing: the truly original fake news

Some marketers are deluded. Too much hype, spin, fake news. While 87% of marketers say they are delivering engaging customer experiences, nearly half of consumers say that brands don’t even meet their basic expectations, according to survey published by Acquia in November 2018. Another 2018 study run by Arvato found that while 89% of brands… Read More »

A better digital experience for Irish health

When the US Department of Health deleted 150,000 out of the 200,000 files that were available on its public website, nobody noticed. Too much content, too many websites, much of the content out-of-date. Important information hard to find and even when you found it, hard to understand. These are the classical symptoms of “orgitis”. Orgitis… Read More »

The accidental discovery of Top Tasks (Part 2)

For years, I had run card sorting workshops. To keep track on the cards, I used to hand out a sheet that contained all the names of the cards. One exercise involved deciding what cards to use when designing a classification for a homepage. I wanted people to prioritize, so I asked people to choose… Read More »

Top Tasks – A how to-guide

It’s been 15 years in the making, but Top Tasks began as an accident, something I had not planned, and initially, at least, something I didn’t want to happen. Now, here it is. A book containing everything that I and the partners I’ve worked with have learned about how to implement Top Tasks. A detailed… Read More »