If Google wanted to get found in Google

Google isn’t optimized for Google. It’s optimized for searching and finding. Focus on the task of your customers and you are much more likely to get found, used and valued. If Google was optimized for Google what would it look like? Well, for starters, there’d be a lot of content repeating the words “search engine”… Read More »

Complexity is making many experts redundant

David Davis is the UK government Brexit Secretary. David doesn’t believe much in planning or predicting. In his opinion, they should just Brexit and then see what happens because it’s all too complicated to predict anything these days. Back in 2016, David promised impact analyses on 57 sectors of the UK economy that would go… Read More »

Developing a customer obsession culture

Being customer-centric is hardly enough these days. To truly be successful, you need to nurture a customer obsession culture within your organization. Customer obsession begins with humility. The opposite of customer obsession is organization obsession, ego obsession, bureaucracy obsession. Customer obsession is about genuinely putting the customer first. That is the most extraordinarily difficult thing… Read More »

Dear AVG, I’m just going to have to let you go

It’s not easy breaking up. I mean, forget about loyalty, it’s the sheer hassle. Going out again, on the lookout for something better. Thinking that they’re all the same anyway. Lots of promises to lure you in and then over time they all maltreat you. It’s easy to get cynical in this crazy world. I… Read More »

Quality information requires quality people

“The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program,” proudly states the Google News homepage. For years, technology companies have shirked their social and moral responsibilities by hiding behind ‘anonymous’ and ‘objective’ computer programs and algorithms. Partly, it’s philosophical. There’s a deeply held view within technology culture that… Read More »

Organize around the customer task

Historically, organizations had so much power that they could demand that customers adapt to the organization’s way of doing things. This is particularly true of government. Today, the greatest challenge all organizations face is to organize around the customer. Those that don’t will not survive. Organizing around the customer means organizing around the task that… Read More »

Designing for simplicity of use

If you want to make things truly simple to use by your customers, you will nearly always have to make your organization take on more complexity. We have a basic tool we use to record what customers are doing when we observe them trying to complete tasks on websites or apps. One of the things… Read More »

When organization strategy ruins customer experience

A traditional organizational strategy tends to revolve around minimizing costs and maximizing sales and profits, thereby maximizing shareholder return. In a government setting, cost reduction is important to strategy; but so is raising awareness of what government is doing, and changing the behavior of citizens. None of the above put the customer first. In fact,… Read More »

From user to customer, from silo to experience

In 2004, there was roughly the same number of searches for user experience in comparison to customer experience, according to Google Trends. By 2017, search interest for user experience had doubled, but search interest for customer experience had almost trebled. It was around the middle of 2013, that customer experience began to pull away from… Read More »

Developing a circle of customer-organization feedback

The long-term quality of feedback you get from customers is directly correlated to the actions you take based on that feedback, and the feedback you give to the customers who made the effort to respond to you. If you read the Amazon seller forums, you will find almost universal agreement that customer feedback is in… Read More »