The caring economy: careers of the present and future

Today, and tomorrow, it pays to care. “Let’s face it, many of the products made today are becoming commodities with the same basic components and performance levels. How different is one bank ATM machine from another? How different is the performance and reliability of one car from another? “How will business differentiate itself in a… Read More »

Young people are skeptical, connected and happy

Viacom surveyed 28,600 young people in 30 major countries. 9% trust religious leaders, down from 42% in 2012, when the survey was last carried out. 2% trust politicians, down from 27% in 2012. Yes, 2%, an astonishing 2%. So that means young people around the world are depressed and cynical? No. 76% describe themselves as… Read More »

The New Zealand All Blacks are the ultimate committee

Since 1905, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team have won an extraordinary 77% of all the games they’ve played. “Ranked world number one for twice as long as the rest of the world combined, they have only ever been as low as number two,” James Kerr writes for the BBC. Fear of failure used… Read More »

Reward outcomes, not inputs

Traditional pre-digital organizations reward production and a focus on hierarchy. Digital organizations reward consumption, and a focus on the customer and the network. Why? Because digital is a bridge between production and consumption. So much consumption occurs digitally today. Big Data is consumption data. Secondly, digital greatly empowers the consumer with information, tools and networks,… Read More »

The customer centric universe

The Web has helped usher in a shift from an organization-centric universe to a customer-centric one. That’s the single biggest lesson I have learned in more than 20 years of consulting and writing about the Web. Back around 1999, I came up with a title for a talk I was planning. I decided I’d call… Read More »

Evidence, not ego, must drive digital transformation

On a hot and dusty day in Afghanistan, a group of men sat admiring patterns. “Don’t like that one,” said the defence minister. Those around him nodded in agreement. “Don’t like that one, nor that one, nor that one either.” The defence minister was hard to please. “Let’s go browsing on the Web,” he said,… Read More »

When to hide and show navigation

Hide navigation when it is disruptive to the journey the customer is on. Show navigation when it is supportive to the journey the customer is on. The hamburger menu has become notorious as an ill-advised and poorly implemented form of navigation. But hiding navigation in and of itself is not a bad thing. It depends… Read More »

It pays to pay attention to current customers

Time spent (minutes per month) on websites was down across all industries in the U.S. in 2016, according to an Adobe report. “Despite time spent being down, visit rates are up 4% year-over-year (YoY) across all industries,” CMO Adobe wrote. This makes sense. The simpler, faster and more convenient you make your website, the more… Read More »

Managing in a post-trust world

For many humans, there is no greater terror than the terror of the unknown. Throughout human history, we have always tried to predict the unpredictable, to manage the unmanageable, to control the uncontrollable. The idea that there is no plan, no purpose, no intent to the world around us is terrifying. Are we just a… Read More »

New opportunities for internal communicators

Much of traditional internal communications has been about the delivery of fake news. Staff have not been fooled. Over the years, it really struck me how the output of most internal communications departments was disconnected from the real needs of the staff in their organizations. Unfortunately, in many organizations, internal communications is a megaphone for… Read More »