Since 1997, Gerry McGovern has spoken about digital customer experience in almost 40 countries. His rates are approximately €4,000 for a speaking engagement.

"Gerry McGovern is a truly 'amazing' speaker—passionate and profound, hilarious and enlightening. A golden-tongued orator whose every utterance merits quotation, and a lone rational voice in a wilderness of self-defeating, self-interest and inverse prioritization. He fights a never-ending battle to bring reason and utility to our websites by focusing relentlessly on your user's most important tasks."  Jeffrey Zeldman - A List Apart, Happy Cog, A Book, An Event Apart

"Gerry McGovern always delivers talks and workshops that our audiences love. He has given the best rated talk at Webdagene ever (in 2008) and he gave the best talk at Webdagene in 2015. Great content and great outcome." Sesilie Halland - Manager Webdagene / conferences by Netlife Research

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