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Highly readable book - Harvard Business School
October 09, 2002:
"This highly readable book is targeted at anyone who writes, edits, or publishes Web content, be it support materials or marketing copy."
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

The greatest ideas are the most obvious
July 05, 2002:
"Everyone involved in the Web should read this book; it is Tom Paine's Common Sense for a wired world. Buy it now or watch your empire fall."
Bob Benson, TrainingZONE

Absolutely THE book on creating and managing content online
Nick Usborne, author of Net Words (McGraw-Hill)
May 3, 2002:
"I can't think of anyone more clearly focused on the issue of good site content than Gerry McGovern, and I found myself nodding in agreement on every page."

Wonderfully straightforward book
Jonathan Price, author of Hot Text: Web Writing that Works (New Riders)
April 26, 2002:
"In this wonderfully straightforward book, Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton show why the success of your business depends, more and more, on getting "the right content to the right person at the right time."

Well-written, straightforward guide to publishing online
By Rowan Wilson, Knowledge Management Review, Vol 5, Issue 1 March/April 2002
April 4, 2002:
"As technology books go, this is a well-written (well, given its title, it ought to be!), straightforward guide to publishing online. The term "bible" is now highly over-used in reference to tech books – but if it weren't, that's how I would categorize this book."

Write for web readers, not for your ego
Robin Sherman, American Society of Business Publication Editors
April 02, 2002:
"In two books about the Web (Content Critical and The Web Content Style Guide), Gerry McGovern and his co-authors have made the subject as easily understandable as it is disorganized in reality."

Content Critical will appeal to both beginners and experts
By Geert Jan Kraan, Net Professional magazine
April 1, 2002:
"In Content Critical, you learn about the theory and practice of online publishing in general, and the production of convincing and reader-focused content in particular."

Well structured source of information
By Prof. Dr. Tom Ruedebusch, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
March 22, 2002:
"Content Critical is a well-structured source of information on the aspects that are critical for a successful web presence."

Timely and authoritative
By Andy Price, University of Teesside
March 14, 2002:
"Students and practitioners alike will benefit greatly from Gerry's book and I have made it a core 'must have' text for my undergraduate new media studies courses."

Content Critical: "Standard text"
Andy Harrison, Content Management Focus magazine
February 27, 2002:
"Content Critical is the best non-technical book on the subject of web content that I have come across to date."

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