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"Gerry McGovern's Killer Web Content is essential reading for those eager for best practices in developing and delivering content on the Web. His insights are valuable, wise, and time-saving and will result in improved and more streamlined web sites. Using the principles outlined in Killer Web Content will ultimately improve customer satisfaction and appreciation of your content."
Suzanne Sowinska, Manager, Content Publishing Excellence, Microsoft Corporation

"Gerry McGovern's latest book, Creating Killer Websites, is one you'll hear a lot about. Not just from reviewers and pundits, but from all your friends and colleagues. And, once you've read it, you'll see why: It's chock full of wisdom that only Gerry can impart. His unique 10-year perspective on designing web sites oozes from every page and will make you keep thinking "that's exactly right!". After you've bought your copy, make sure you write your name inside the cover, because this is a book others will want to borrow. I'm planning to buy several additional copies, because I know I'm going to be lending this book to everyone I know who has a web site. I suggest you do the same."
Jared M. Spool, Co-Author, Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide

"No one communicates the vision and value of killer Web content with as much compelling clarity and insight as Gerry McGovern. He combines the strategic imperative with uncommon sense when it comes to putting it into practice. This is as close to the definitive Web manifesto as you'll get!"
David Shaw, Asia-Pacific Brand & Communications Manager, HP Services, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Excellent!! Informative, concise, funny in places, full of good ideas and suggestions!!"
Ian Balfour, Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Institute of Management

"Genius! Gerry McGovern gets it! If you read ONE book on managing a Web site, this is it. From tips such as "Content first, technology second" to "Focus on how people search, not on how search engines work" to "Keep a relentless focus on helping your customer fulfill their needs," Killer Web Content is chock full of essential advice. And it's even done with humor. A must read for any web manager in any organization, large or small, government or private."
Bev Godwin, Director, The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal

"Gerry McGovern's "Killer Web Content" is a must read for marketing and communications professionals who crave the ultimate results for their online presence. Not only is "Killer Web Content" educational and informational, it's an entertaining and useful collection of tips and techniques where you'll find both insight and inspiration to create web sites that talk to your audience in a language they want to hear."
Karen O'Brien, Siemens Corporation. Manager, Web Content

"Killer Web Content is much more than writing for the web. Its a masterclass in clear thinking on business fundamentals, which the pared down world of the Web exposes as never before".
Dr. Stewart Stephens, Managing Director,

"In Killer Web Content, Gerry McGovern transforms online content from being the "poor relation" of the Web to its rightful role at the heart of every successful Internet, extranet and intranet website. This inspiring book is itself compelling content from the authority on web content."
Paul Miller, chairman, Intranet Benchmarking Forum

"Have you heard Gerry on a workshop, you need this book to get all the details. If you haven't heard Gerry, then buy this book and imagine what you are missing. My costumers are delighted with Gerrys workshop and I am sure that they will like this book as much.
Kurt Kragh Sørensen, founder, IntraTeam, Denmark

"If you care about the success of your Web site, you need to care about your content. If you care about your content, you must read Killer Web Content. Within you'll find some great insight and practical tips to ensure you get the very best out of your Web content from someone who really knows his stuff."
Keith Robinson, web designer

"Content-not fancy graphics-sells your product on your website. Read this book and apply it. We did".
Maurice Coleman, Head of Commercial Strategy, Aer Lingus

"Killer Web Content" does what no other literature so far has been able to do - it proves, in detail, the value of well-written web content. That is also why this should be read by everyone from web editors to marketing directors. Place a copy on the CEO's desk as well.

"But Gerry not only manages to give us readers profound and fundamental insights into the mechanisms of web content success. He provides us with a handbook. "Killer Web Content" is full of practical advice and methods that will help content creators in their everyday work at web sites and intranets. Gerry's ability to combine these two aspects, to mix theory and practice sometimes in a single sentence, is truly amazing. "Killer Web Content" is not a must read. It's way more than that."
Fredrik Wackå, founder,

"Gerry McGovern is one of the leading thinkers in the area of website content. His book "Killer Web Content" is a must-read for organizations that are serious about their websites. Applying the principles contained within the book will undoubtedly lead to better readability, usability, search engine visibility, conversion and sales. Gerry's concept of Carewords offers an excellent paradigm for content writers and editors. As a consultant, Gerry sells his time at many thousands of dollars per day (which by the way is well worth it). You now have access to his brilliance, all for the price of a book."
Stephan Spencer, founder and president, Netconcepts

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