Book Reviews

Date: February 22, 2001
Title: Writing the New Economy
Author: John Middleton
Publisher: Middleton/Capstone
Remarks: "The Caring Economy rated 25th out of top 50 list of new economy books."

Date: December 1999
Author: Rob Norton, executive editor, Fortune Magazine
Remarks: “The Caring Economy is an original and provocative analysis of the information economy. It will help you see the Internet and the world of e-business with fresh eyes. It's also an ethical road map that can help you think about how to best run your business in the Info Age. McGovern's background--as both a professional writer and a successful online entrepreneur--gives The Caring Economy an unusual combination of artfulness and authority’.”

Date: December 1999
Author: Vint Cerf
Title: The Caring Economy review
Publisher: WorldCom
Remarks: “If one takes nothing else away from a reading of this book, among its most important messages, I would paraphrase as: The Internet is a place, an environment, made up of people and their myriad interactions. It is not merely a technology but a new way of cooperating, sharing and caring. Businesses that recognize the human aspect of the Internet will be more likely to find success in the artificial worlds of the Digital Age, for they will understand that the artificial is rooted in reality and reality is rooted in our hearts.”

Date: November 1999
Publisher: Nile Wide Marketing Review
Remarks: “It could seem odd to describe the digital economy as a caring economy. After all, we associate things digital with numbers and anything hi-tech. How caring can they be? This is Gerry McGovern's point. Technology cannot care for people, and what people want more than anything is to be human. Business needs a new philosophy for the digital age, that is not based on technology, or being the fastest or fittest, but which puts people first.”

Date: September 1999
Author: Ellis Kell
Publisher: QC Online
Remarks: “The brass ring of customer loyalty, more than ever, will be earned on a day to day basis, and gained only through sincere human interaction and quality service. McGovern points out that only when we look out for the customer (and each other), can we expect the customer (and our fellow man) to look after us.”

Date: August 19, 1999
Author: Giancarlo Livaghi
Publisher: Net Marketing (Italy)
Remarks: “Not a single page is wasted on unnecessary technicalities or electronic hype. It's not a book about technology, software and computer languages. It's about what really matters: people. It's about concepts that have always been basic in human communication and business management, but have a new meaning, a more immediate urgency, in a network environment.”

Date: July 1999
Author: John Naughton
Remarks: “People, not technology, will drive success in the digital age. In The Caring Economy, Gerry McGovern presents a radical vision of Internet business, which has a surprisingly human face. Are you ready to connect with the new digital-age economy?”