The Strangers Long Neck

Book Reviews

"Our work with Gerry increased understanding across our team of the specific tasks that our customers are trying to accomplish and how best to address their needs. The result is a significant improvement (+20%) in our customers' ability to find what they need on Pinpoint."
Peter Horsman, Global Site Management Lead for Microsoft Pinpoint

"Gerry's customer-centric approach to website development has helped us re-shape and dramatically improve Cisco's Partner Central by focusing on and addressing the needs of our global partner community."
Luanne Tierney, Vice President, Worldwide Partner Marketing, Cisco

"Following the Task Based strategy has been the foundation of our work to successfully develop our intranet. We have used Gerry's real customer-centric approach to improve the ability of our employees to solve frequently performed tasks-in one area more than +50 % improvement was achieved."
Gabriel Olsson, e-Communications Director, Tetra Pak

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