The Web Content Style Guide

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Great writing guidelines and advice
Eric Reiss, author of Practical Information Architecture
February 07, 2003: "If you need to migrate your writing and editing skills to the Web, there’s no better place to start than the Web Content Style Guide." 

Reliable principles and guidance founded on insight
Ben Hawes, Training Zone
June 10, 2002: "The Web Content Style Guide aims to fulfill several functions for the writer or editor of online content, and it succeeds. With an introduction, alphabetical listing and notes, it looks like a reference work - and it is - but it also provides strategic insights, thorough explanations, argument and sound business advice." 

Valuable resource for anyone involved in creating content for the Web
By Janette Young, Managing Information magazine
June 2002: 
"This resource provides guidance on grammar, terminology, acceptable usage, structure and design in an accessible format. In one source it provides the type of information normally found in a range of sources." 

I was waiting for a style guide - here it is
By Mark Crompton, London, United Kingdom
30, 2002: "I think The Web Content Style Guide isworth every tax-deductible penny - and I'm tight.

A must for content authors or managers
By Dennis DeaconChicago, Illinois United States
January 17, 2002
"It is definitely worth purchasing for anyone dealing with content, or charged with communicating best practices to other content authors, editors and producers."

University of Regina selects The Web Content Style Guide
January 14, 2002: "Every serious webmaster, web designer, online editor, web developer or student-in-training will find these books will make them stop and critically think about their web design work.

Web publishing with ease
By Colin Ong, CEO, MR=MC Consulting, Singapore 

December 23, 2001: "I strongly believe that this book is the best of its kind around. A must read from novice to expert."

It's worth your time and money
By Phil Matous, CEO, Taylor Community Credit Union, Michigan, USA 

December 18, 2001: "The first chapter alone is worth the price of the book. Great ideas on writing for either traditional or web viewers. Easy to read and insightful." 

I will certainly be recommending this book to others
By Malcolm Davison, CEO, Writing For The Web
December 3, 2001: "If only most webmasters would heed the sound advice given here, then web surfing would be a much happier experience for us all!  

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