The Great Big Tech Technology Swindle

Who would not want to be Big Tech? They make massive, massive margins. They pay practically no taxes. They design trashy products that are useless after a couple of years and cannot be repaired. I mean, how many iPhone models have we had since 2007?

The latest great Big Tech technology swindle is data centers, and this is particularly surreal. Data centers are absolutely terrible for any community they locate it. They’re big ugly box monsters. They gurgle down vast quantities of fresh water. The suck up massive amounts of electricity. They get this electricity and water at knockdown prices with cast iron guarantees. If there is a natural disaster, the community can go without lights and without water, while at the data center, the lights will always stay on and the servers will keep drinking happily away.

And what exactly do they bring to the community as benefits? Practically zero jobs. One of the worst employers you could imagine. Not just that, data centers take so much electricity and water that it is harder for others to get a good supply. They are noisy and polluting.

So, you would think: not exactly an attractive proposition. You’d be so wrong. Governments everywhere fall over themselves trying to give them tax breaks. Big Tech sure has the big bag of magic tricks. Government policy makers and politicians everywhere go weak at the knees at the very idea of being able to casually drop into a conversation that next week they’re going to have lunch with a Google executive. It makes them feel so cool, so innovative, so forward looking and totally on the money. When all that Google or Amazon executive wants is the tax break, the tax break, the tax break.

How greedy can you get? Bigger profits than the oil industry and it’s still not enough. Amazon seeks to outdo all others for its sheer cruelty and devouring voraciousness. Amazon has become a slaving company. It is injuring more than 40% of its workers by driving them incessantly. It describes its workers as “industrial athletes.” Jeff Bezos loves 14-hour shifts for those who work in his warehouse and in his home. He is so relentlessly cruel that he won’t give proper bathroom breaks. His maids had to sue even to get access to a proper bathroom. Before suing, they were forced to climb out a window to go to a bathroom .

This is the world Big Tech has built. Behind all the slick, futuristic propaganda, it is run by greedy, cruel men, who every year get greedier and crueler. Meanwhile, society champions, celebrates and honors the Bezos, Musk and Zuckerberg tech bros. Our governments, instead of reining in this abuse, are feeding and legitimizing it, throwing tax breaks at it.

“There is something about an Amazon data center that drives state and municipal officials to make mindboggling financial decisions,” Jose Marquez writes for Real Clear Markets. What on earth could that be?

“It Kind of Feels Like Prison”: Injured, Burned Out and Under Surveillance at Amazon

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